HYP is the only auction system in the world that prevents fraudulent bids and unserious bidders.

Socially Backed

Our auctions are social (linked to Instagram), so you can see your comments section and celebrity fans bidding against each other.

Why auctions?

HYP offers the most transparent and powerful brand elevation tool in the market. When exclusive pieces sell at auction for 10x expected, it elevates the brand.

How do brands use HYP?

Brands typically use HYP to auction exclusive colorways or samples right before their general release. We’ll show and link the general release on the auction page. When the exclusive version sells for 10x retail value, the general release seems like a steal.

Brands typically have pieces that are difficult to produce that aren’t a great fit for mass production. These pieces can be hard to price - so we put it up for auction.

Brands use HYP for preorders - if you have one of something but are able to make more, we can use the auction as a preorder feature where the top #X bidders each buy one unit and wait to have their piece made.

When you auction on HYP, you’re joining a curated group of the most exclusive brands. Our bidders and investors include celebrities, stylists, athletes, and executives from global brands.

We prevent troll bids and flakers.

HYP is the only auction system that offers guaranteed bid processing - which means users are held responsible for their bids, and you are guaranteed the payout. This system is unique to HYP.


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