what does hyp_ do?

we partner with brands for exclusive release auctions.
no more waiting in lines, gambling on raffles, or risking the aftermarket.
link your instagram and get verified to flex while you shop.
hyp_ releases are only available once only on hyp_

the basics



get what you want
when you want



directly from the



bid real-time
against others

frequently asked questions

what are hyp_ credits?

You can earn credits to bid on releases. 1 HYP Credit = $1 USD. You cannot sell or transfer credits.

how do i use credits?

When you bid, credits will be automatically applied.

how do i earn credits?

Head to the earn page to learn more

i didn't win, do i get a refund?

Yes! If you aren't in the group of winning bidders, your credits will be automatically refunded.